Arçelik Heat Recovery Device

Compact design

Electrostatic powder coated body

High intensity heat and sound insulation

Plate heat recovery up to 50% to 70% efficiency

Easy to Change Filter


Self-powered, highly efficient radial fan

Design suitable for Eco-Desing

Control card and digital room panel

Manual or automatic fan control






 Structure and Panel: Self Supporting Frame
 Sheet Material: Galvanized Steel
 Air Tightness: EPDM Gasket to Provide Air Tightness on Panel Inner Surfaces
 Heat and Sound Insulation: Flex Insulation Materials
 Heat Recovery: Plate Type Heat Recovery
 Heating: Electric Water Heating
 Fan: Backward Curved Blade Fan - Plug Fan
 Panel: Built-in Power and Electricity Regulation Panel
 Monitoring / Management: BMS Management (Optional)

As a standard, 8 models with a capacity range of 500 - 5,000 m3 / h are produced using plate heat exchangers, which can be mounted inside the suspended ceiling. Depending on demand, special design and production can be made using different heat exchangers with larger capacities.




Electric and water duct type heater, duct type silencer

Connection possibility to building automation system

F7 filter, pressure sensor and motorized valve options

Bypass feature

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