Arçelik Split Air Conditioners

High Energy Efficiency

Quiet Working

Fast Heating and Cooling

Slim Design/p>

Intuitive Display


Superior BLDC Inverter Compressor

Flexible Air Flow Control

Active Energy Control

Quick and Easy Installation

Low Noise Level




• Arçelik air conditioners with Energy Control feature reduce the maximum frequency of the motor and control energy consumption. In the first stage, 20% savings in energy consumption is achieved by reducing the cooling capacity by only 8%. In the second tier, savings go up to 40%.


• Arçelik air conditioners provide an easier and more efficient installation regardless of the environment and the number of people who install it. Thanks to its design that reduces the labor and time required for installation, it is now possible to install more air conditioners in more homes in less time..


• Arçelik air conditioners operate at low noise levels thanks to the unique curve fan and Inverter Compressor that prevents noise generation.




• Compressor: High energy efficient, internal thermal protection, Hermetic Scroll with DC Inverter

• Electronic expansion valve: Standard on all indoor unit models
• Condenser: Copper pipe aluminum fin

• Condenser fan: BLDC Inverter Fan
• Control: Electronic control with microprocessor.
• Structure: ot gray painted galvanized steel structure

Refrigerant: R-32 


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