Compact-Y SM 22-30 kW Scroll

Cooling Only and Heat Pump Options
Air Cooled Water Chillers With Axial Fan & Heat Pumps
Hermetic Scroll Type Compressors
Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant Gas

ESEER up to 4.1
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort in All Seasons
Wide and Smart Options
Integrated Adaptive Cooling Technology
Energy Saving Solutions for Commercial & Residential Buildings



• Compressor: Hermetic scroll type compressor, thermal protection and oil sump heater are added for 127-130 models.
 Water Side Heat Exchangers: A properly insulated, stainless steel plate heat exchanger, antifreeze heater and water flow complete with a differential pressure switch.
• Air Side Heat Exchangers: Finned coil developed with copper pipes and aluminum fins, completed with a protection grid.
• Fan: iç External rotor electric axial fans equipped with internal thermal protection and protection grilles.
• Control: Microprocessor controlled with Adaptive Function Plus.
• Yapı: Galvanized and painted steel and finished with a condensation drain pan.


• TCAEY: Cooling only designed unit.
• THAEY: Heat pump unit.


• Pump unit with recirculation or electric circulation pump, diaphragm expansion tank, manual air release valve and pressure gauge added.


• Inertia storage tank, recirculation or electric recirculation pump, diaphragm expansion tank, manual air vent valve, automatic air vent valve, safety valve and pressure gauge.


• Soft start device.
• Silent version.
• -10 ° C condensation control.
• Antifreeze heater in the storage tank.
• Compressor oil sump heater (mod. 115-124).
• Unit based antifreeze electrical heater for operation in heat pump mode at low outdoor temperatures.
• Digital input for dual setpoint.
• 4-20mA analog input for variable setpoint.

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