Concealed Ceiling Type Fancoil

High Energy Efficiency

Wide product range

Compact Design

Possibility to remove the filter without the need for a screwdriver


Ease of Maintenance

High performance

High Security Measures

Ideal comfort in all seasons

Flexible Installation



 • Of course, it is possible to maximize comfort conditions with Arçelik concealed ceiling type fan coils. Concealed ceiling type fancoils outperform their competitors with compact design, low noise level, high energy efficiency and unique filter design.


 • Our Arçelik Concealed ceiling type fan coils exceed the expectations of the users with its 2-pipe and 4-pipe type and 7 different capacity ranges. Hidden ceiling type fan coils are easy to apply, have an additional plate to prevent the breakage of copper pipes when making water connections, an air vent to discharge the air in the fancoil, the electrical junction box can be easily taken to the right or left side, the motors are 230 volt, 3 cycles, and no Some of its features are its unique design with the way it takes out the filter that is not in the company.


 • Risks that may occur during transportation are eliminated with the foam reinforcement, which is not available in competitors, in the Arçelik Concealed ceiling type fan coil package. Concealed ceiling type fan coils are manufactured in Arçelik-LG's factory in Gebze.




Structure: Galvanized Steel

Fan / Motor: Galvanized steel radial fan and high efficiency super quiet motor.

Filter: Cleanable / washable filters providing versatile access

Terminal Box: Waterproof terminal box

Coils: High efficiency copper tube with aluminum fins

Drip Tray: Special insulated epoxy coated galvanized steel

Drainage Pipe: Threaded

Power: 230V-1Ph-50Hz




2-way valve and motor (Field mounted)
3-way valve and motor
Room thermostat
Digital room thermostat
Electric heater

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