Floor Mounted Cabinet Type Fancoil

High Energy Efficiency

Wide product range

Compact Design

Possibility to remove the filter without the need for a screwdriver


Ease of Maintenance

High performance

High Security Measures

Ideal comfort in all seasons

Flexible Installation



 • It is of course possible to maximize the comfort conditions with Arçelik floor mounted cabinet tpe fancoils. With its compact design, low noise level and high energy efficiency, the concealed floor type fancoils surpass its competitors by far.


 • Arçelik floor mounted cabinet tpe fancoils meet the heating and cooling needs of hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and private areas.


 • Arçelik floor mounted cabinet tpe fancoils are offered to customers with 2-pipe and 4-pipe type and 4 different capacities.


 • The motors used in Arçelik concealed floor type fan coils are 3-speed and work with 220 volts. There are G2 class filters in the lower part of the device.


 •Arçelik floor mounted cabinet tpe fancoils are manufactured in Arçelik-LG's Gebze factory.




Structure: Galvanized Steel

Fan / Motor: Galvanized steel radial fan and high efficiency super quiet motor.

Filter: Washable filters.

Terminal Box: Waterproof terminal box

Coils: High efficiency copper tube with aluminum fins

Drip Tray: Special insulated epoxy coated galvanized steel

Drainage Pipe: Threaded

Power: 230V-1Ph-50Hz




2-way valve and motor (Field mounted)
3-way valve and motor
Room thermostat
Digital room thermostat
Electric heater

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