LG Heat Pump Systems

The most suitable solution for Heating, Cooling and Hot Water/span>

The most suitable solution for Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

Eco Friendly By Reducing CO2 Emission

Fast Heating and Cooling with Smart Sensor Technology



Superior BLDC Inverter Compressor

Silent Work at Night

Optimum Comfort

Flexible Installation

Space-saving compact design



•LG Therma V is designed to meet the HEATING, COOLING and HOT WATER needs of new residences and those who want to renovate their homes. Air-to-water heat pump systems are alternative energy sourced systems that offer more energy efficiency than existing natural gas, liquid and solid fuel conventional systems. It provides the optimum solution for applications with radiators or fan coils in both existing and newly built systems. This new technology provides an ideal solution for residential air conditioning needs to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and energy costs by working in combination with existing solar energy collectors.


•LG Therma V, air-to-water heat pump system, thanks to the inverter compressor in the outdoor unit, it minimizes energy consumption by adjusting the working capacity at partial loads according to the need. With its advanced heat exchanger design and optimum cycle design, the COP value at nominal conditions in heating provides 4.5.


• At the same time, the advanced touchscreen control system with remote access and communication protocols with central management systems enables the monitoring of energy consumption and control of comfort conditions.




• Compressor: High energy efficient, internal thermal protection, Hermetic Scroll with DC Inverter

• Electronic expansion valve: Standard on all indoor unit models
• Condenser: Copper pipe aluminum fin

• Condenser fan: BLDC Inverter Fan
• Control: Electronic control with microprocessor.
• Structure: ot gray painted galvanized steel structure

Refrigerant: R-32 


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