LG Multi Systems

Highest Energy Efficiency

Wide and flexible product range

Inverter Controlled Fast Heating and Cooling

Space-saving compact design


Superior BLDC Inverter Compressor

Silent Work at Night

Intelligent Load Control

Flexible Installation




•LG Multi Inverter air conditioner series offers high comfort, compact and economical solutions for light commercial areas and residences. It provides design flexibility with the widest indoor unit variety in the industry and outdoor units with capacities to meet every need.


•With copper piping, the distance of which reaches 145 meters in total, the ability to connect up to 9 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit, and the BLDC fan motor technology, the noise level in indoor units decreases to 20 dBA levels.


• LG Multi Inverter air conditioners using R410 A environmentally friendly fluid provide high performance operation in wide temperature ranges by heating up to -18 ° C in winter and cooling in outdoor conditions up to 48 ° C in summer.


• LG Multi Inverter Air Conditioning Systems, guaranteed to be produced and delivered in the shortest time with the assurance of LG, provide complete technical support and fast spare parts.



• Compressor: High energy efficient, internal thermal protection, Hermetic Scroll with DC Inverter

• Electronic expansion valve: Standard on all indoor unit models
• Condenser: Copper pipe aluminum fin

• Condenser fan: BLDC Inverter Fan
• Control: Electronic control with microprocessor.
• Structure: ot gray painted galvanized steel structure

Refrigerant: R-410A 


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