LG VRF Systems

Highest Energy Efficiency

Intelligent Load Control

Comfort Cooling

Superior Inverter Compressor


Advanced Continuous Heating

Outstanding Performance

Smart Oil Management

Flexible Installation with Large Capacity

Ocean Black Fin Condenser



• LG Multi 5 Air Conditioning systems provide perfect solutions for all kinds of interior and exterior architectural needs with high energy efficiency and long piping distances thanks to its variable flow capacity control.


• LG Multi V5, designed to provide the world's best energy efficiency with innovative technologies, performs cooling and heating tasks in the most ideal way. The dual detection control feature of Multi V5 integrates an economical and comfortable operation.


• LG Multi V 5 air conditioning systems reach higher performance thanks to the DC Inverter Compressors they use and provide energy efficiency at partial loads. It provides the opportunity to connect unlimited indoor units with different outdoor unit capacities between 4 HP and 96 HP. Indoor unit options of different types and capacities can be used in the system, which provides easy and flexible application. There is a wide range of indoor units such as wall mounted, cassette type, low and high static pressure concealed ceiling types.


• By offering high capacity solutions in a small space with LG Multi 5 compact outdoor unit design; It can be applied in villas, hotels, offices, schools, factories, hospitals, restaurants and similar places.



• Compressor: High energy efficient, internal thermal protection, Hermetic Scroll with DC Inverter

• Electronic expansion valve: Standard on all indoor unit models
• Condenser: Copper pipe aluminum Ocean Black Fins

• Condenser fan: DC Inverter Fan with Biomimetic Technology
• Control: Electronic control with microprocessor.
• Structure: ot gray painted galvanized steel structure

Refrigerant: R-410A 


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