RHP PRO - Package Type Switchboard

Comfortable air conditioning all year round

Compact, Plug and Play Design

Intelligent C5 Control Panel

High energy saving

Sorption type rotor heat recovery up to 80%

Easy setup


Ultra or Super Premium efficient EC fans

Scroll Type Compressor with High Efficiency Frequency Inverter

Low pressure loss and absolute energy savings thanks to filters with large surface area

Integrated Intelligent Automation

Low Operating Cost





Structure and Panel: Self Supporting Frame and Double Wall Panels
Sheet Material: Galvanized steel
Panel Thickness: 50 mm 
Heat and Sound Insulation: Rock Wool
Heating / Cooling Coil: Copper Tube Aluminum Fin
Fan : EC Motor Fan, PM (Fixed magnet motor)
Heat Recovery: Rotary Heat Recovery
Compressor: Scroll Type Hermetic Compressor with Frequency Inverter
User Panel: Programmable Touch-Screen Display
Automation Panel: Built-in Power and Electricity Regulation Panel
Monitoring - Management: with BMS Management


Komfovent RHP Package Type Heat Pump air handling unit has high EER and COP values ??by making low energy consumption with Plug & Play, Inverter Compressor, EC or PM motor, Integrated Intelligent Automation, High Efficiency Rotor Heat Recovery.


RHP Package type Heat Pump air handling units are equipped with the most efficient and advanced solutions, which significantly reduce operating costs and payback period.

RHP Package type Heat Pump air handling units are available in the capacity range of 2.800 m3 / h to 25.000 m3h. Assembled and tested at the factory. In this way, installation costs have been significantly reduced.


With its integrated automation, the power plant has Plug & Play feature. It can be operated by connecting only electricity and air ducts without any additional need. It is compatible with Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BaCnet IP 'communication languages ??and can be accessed and controlled via PC and web.


RHP package type Heat Pump air handling units are regularly tested in the German laboratory of Eurovent, an independent testing organization. It is tested on many parameters such as performance, efficiency and sound level.


























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