Schneider Electric Monoblock Precision Air Conditioner

Perimeter cooling for all data centers

Rerfect for Racked or Non-Racked IT Loads
Pioneering Precision Cooling Solutions
Providing Suitable Working Conditions for Sensitive Climatic Conditions

Lower costs

Optimal Energy Efficiency & High TIER Standards

Wide Range of Products with R410A Refrigerant
Integrated Electronic / Pressure / Thermal Regulation




The Uniflair MB is a wall-mounted refrigeration unit that is installed outside a conditioned space such as a telecom enclosure.

These units operate completely autonomously, meaning they ship fully loaded and no remote heat exchanger is required. A simple electrical wiring and assembly is sufficient for these quick-set units.

Thanks to the motorized dampers in these units in free cooling configuration, the outdoor air helps to cool the IT area.

 Efficient Cooling: High Cooling Capacity
 Low Operating Cost: Unique Design and Correct Selection of Components
 Ease of Installation: Plug and Place Design
 Structure: Metal Frame and Internal Parts Made of Hot Galvanized Sheet Steel
 Air Distribution: Direct Coupled High Performance Fans and EC Motor
 Cooling Coil: Hydrophilic Coated Coil
 Air Filtration: Washable Filters
 Fault Management: Low Air Flow and Clogged Filter Alarm Sensors
 Compressor: Compressors with ON / OFF scroll or VFD
 Humidification: Sterile Steam
 User Panel: Advanced Panel and Touch Screen Options
 Capacity / Temperature Control:  Proportional Cooling Capacity Control
  Power and Regulation: Built-in Power and Electricity Regulation Board
 Monitoring / Management: BMS Management

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