Schneider Electric Room Type Precision Air Conditioner

Perimeter cooling for all data centers

Rerfect for Racked or Non-Racked IT Loads
Pioneering Precision Cooling Solutions
Providing Suitable Working Conditions for Sensitive Climatic Conditions

Lower costs

Optimal Energy Efficiency & High TIER Standards

Wide Range of Products with R410A Refrigerant
Integrated Electronic / Pressure / Thermal Regulation
DX Expanded, wet or freecooling alternatives




Schneider Electric Precision Air Conditioners are pioneering precision cooling solutions designed specifically to keep temperature and humidity within extremely critical tolerances.


Perfect for racked and rackless IT loads, these units meet the different requirements of each data center environment. Combined with hot or cold aisle containment solutions, Uniflair LE products can further improve efficiency and achieve higher densities.

 Efficient Cooling: High Cooling Capacity
 Low Operating Cost: Unique Design and Correct Selection of Components
 Ease of Installation: Plug and Place Design
 Structure: Metal Frame and Internal Parts Made of Hot Galvanized Sheet Steel
 Air Distribution: Direct Coupled High Performance Fans and EC Motor
 Cooling Coil: Hydrophilic Coated Coil
 Air Filtration: Washable Filters
 Fault Management: Low Air Flow and Clogged Filter Alarm Sensors
 Compressor: Compressors with ON / OFF scroll or VFD
 Humidification: Sterile Steam
 User Panel: Advanced Panel and Touch Screen Options
 Capacity / Temperature Control:  Proportional Cooling Capacity Control
 Power and Regulation: Built-in Power and Electricity Regulation Board
 Monitoring / Management: BMS Management

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