Veloterm Shelter Air Handling Unit

Monoblock, Compact Design

Channel type galvanized sheet or double wall panel possibility

8 different types of 400 m3h and 10.200 m3h capacity range

Back Inclined Blade Plug fans

AC motor in IE2-IE3 efficiency class


Compliant with the Zoning Regulation

Galvanized or lead coated inner surface selection

Optional lead separator

Easy to service and maintenance




 Structure and Panel: Self Supporting Frame
 Sheet Material: Galvanized Steel
 Fan : Backward Curved Blade Fan - Plug Fan






It has been designed in accordance with the zoning regulations for use in shelters, and Radioactive Nuclear Filter, Active Carbon Filter and G4 panel filters are standard on the device.




By-pass damper (Optional)

Plastic IP 55 electrical junction box



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