VERSO CF 1700 U / H / V Package Heat Recovery

Comfortable air conditioning all year round

Compact Design

High energy saving

Counter flow heat recovery up to 80%

Easy setup


Ultra or Super Premium efficient EC fans

Integrated water battery

Additional dx battery

Internal Intelligent Automation

Low Operating Cost





Structure and Panel: Self Supporting Frame and Double Wall Panels
Sheet Material: Galvanized steel
Panel Thickness: 50 mm 
Heat and Sound Insulation: Rock Wool
Heating / Cooling Coil: Copper Tube Aluminum Fin
Fan : EC Motor Fan
Heat Recovery: Rotary Heat Recovery
User Panel: C5.1 Programmable Touch-Screen Display
Automation Panel: Built-in Power and Electricity Regulation Panel
Monitoring - Management: with BMS Management





Maximum Hava Debisi, m³/h:  1515 

Unite ağırlığı, kg: 243

Unite boyutları DxYxU, mm: 910x905x1810 

Filtre ölçüleri DxYxU, mm:  800x400x46

Besleme Voltajı, HE, V: 400

Besleme Voltajı, HW, V: 230

Maximum çalışma akımı, HE, A : 12.9

Maximum çalışma akımı, HW, A : 6.7

Bakım boşluğu, mm: 800

Ses Seviyesi, dB(A): 46




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