VLT-EKO Kitchen Ecology Units

Designed in accordance with EN1886 standards

Wide capacity range

High efficiency electrostatic filter

Cylindrical carbon filter with high odor retention rate


UV OZONE filter for industrial applications

Unit selection according to kitchen preference

Optional plug or double suction fan option

Suitable for heavy conditions

Modules designed according to the application




VLT-EKO Kitchen Ecology Units are preferred in industrial kitchens, catering factories, restaurants, hotels and factories. Kitchen ecology units are used to prevent the oil vapor, smoke and gases created by the food cooked in the kitchen directly to the outside environment. There are metal filters, electrostatic filters and carbon filters on the device. Two stage electrostatic filter can be used depending on the demand.



Profile: Galvanized Steel - Aluminum

Inner / Outer Sheet: Galvanized - Stainless - Painted Galvanized
Panel Thickness: 45 mm mm
Heat and Sound Insulation: Rock Wool - Glass Wool
Fan: Back - Forward Inclined Blade - Plug Fan
Configuration: Single deck
Filters: G2 metal, Electrostatic Filter, Activ Carbon Filter

Options: Roof - UV Lamp - Sight Glass - Manometer - Fan and Pressure Sensors - Frequency Inverter VFD - Lighting - Door Switch - Maintenance Switch

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