VVAX-S F 300 Axial Smoke Extraction Fans

Ø 400-1600 mm to 13 different diameters

Self-flanged, BS729 hot dip galvanized steel sheet body

Aluminum alloy, angle adjustable wings

High efficiency and low volume with aerodynamic profile wings

Aluminum alloy fan hub

Optimal capacity best suited to the need with different fan wing and fan hub combinations and angle adjustable fan blades


IP 67 metal electrical connection box mounted outside the body,

F300 certified in accordance with EN 12101-3 standard

300 °C, 2 hours operating temperature

H class Insulation, IP 55 class, electric motors from 0.75 kW to 55 kW

Low-space construction and easy connection between two channels



F 300 Axial Smoke Evacuation Fans are suitable for 2 hours of operation to 300 °C.

It is used to direct smoke and heat in emergency situations in closed parking lots and tunnels.

Thanks to its highly efficient wings, it has low energy consumption.

The body is produced as hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance.

The electrical terminal box outside the body allows cable connections to be made easily.

Optionally, a dual-speed motor, frequency inverter and maintenance switch can be added.

Fan Body:

The fan body is produced as hot dip galvanized.



Fan blades are made of galvanized steel. The blades are balanced statically and dynamically.



Ip 55 motors with F insulation class can be used in case of single speed demand.



The IP 55 electrical connection box in the galvanized steel body is offered as standard.


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