VVRDF-MF Metal Filter Duct Type Fans

Wide capacity range from 1,000 m³ / h to 9,250 m³ / h

Galvanized steel body

Possibility of mounting from different angles

Suitable for speed control

Cleanable G2 class metal filter


High efficiency backward curved plug fan

Low noise level

Quick setup

Openable cover enabling maintenance

Horizontal and vertical mounting possibility




Veloterm duct type fans max. It is suitable to work at -30 to 60 ° C.

It is a perfect solution to meet the ventilation needs of industrial, commercial and living spaces.

It meets high pressure needs thanks to its backward curved blade structure.

It provides easy maintenance without removing the fan.

The electrical terminal box outside the body allows easy cable connections.

OAn optional maintenance switch can be added.


Fan Body:

Fan body is made of high quality galvanized steel.



Fan blades are made of plastic, aluminum or galvanized steel according to their diameters. The blades are statically and dynamically balanced.



The motor is in the F insulation class in the air flow.



IP 44 electrical connection box made of plastic material is offered as standard.


Speed Control: Can be provided with an optional speed switch.

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