WCM-H Hot Water ABS 264-4747 kW

Number 1 in energy efficiency COP 0.8

Stainless Steel Pipe Against Corrosion

FFrequency Inverter Pump

Absorbent Concentration and Power Failure Control

Outlet water temperature 85 ~ 75°C


Superior Ease of Installation

Marine Type Water Connection Box

Easy Pipe Cleaning

Digital Pressure Control

Optimized Central Control

User Friendly Panel



Hot Water Type with Absorption

The Hot Water Type Absorption Cooler uses heat instead of electricity and is especially recommended for areas with electricity shortages. This model type uses waste water from nearby factories and power plants and provides cooling / heating through these heating sources.


High Performance Stainless Steel Tube

The specially produced stainless steel heating pipe with LG's special technology has the same heat transfer performance as copper pipes and provides a stable heat transfer performance even at longer operating times, as it shows much higher corrosion resistance compared to copper pipes.


Absorbent Concentration and Power Failure Control

The absorption control concentration is calculated by the crystal control protection logic in the controller, and the prevention control is activated when the concentration exceeds the specified value. It prevents pre-absorption of liquid crystals with automatic control, calculates the time from power failure to recovery with an independent timer integrated into the product.


Superior Ease of Installation

It allows easy installation in narrow areas such as reconfigured and renewed areas with its 3 Part Separation Feature.


Easy Pipe Cleaning

During the cleaning of the tubing, the hydrogroup cover can be opened without removing the assembly.


Digital Pressure Control

Digital pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure inside the chiller in real time. The vacuum rate is set and saved automatically. The recorded data can be used to accurately and quickly monitor and diagnose leakage.


Optimized Central Control

Control solutions such as ACP IV and AC Smart are easy to monitor and remotely control the management of various HVAC models anywhere.




• Liquid and oil separators.

• Digital pressure transmitter.

• Frequency inverter pump.

• Standard MODBUS protocol, optional Bacnet TCP / IP.

• Temperature sensor at water input and output.

• ANSI-Flange in connection mouths.

• Neoprene insulator.

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