WinPACK HE-A 90-345 kW Scroll

Cooling Only and Heat Pump Optionsı
Axial Fan Air Cooled Water Chillers & Heat Pumps
Hermetic Scroll Type Compressors
Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant Gas

ESEER up to 4.32
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort in All Seasons
ide and Smart Options
Integrated Adaptive Cooling Technology
Energy Saving Special Solutions in Commercial Buildings and Residences



• Compressor: Hermetic, scroll type compressor, thermal protection and oil sump heater are added.
•2, 3 or 4 capacity stages with high efficiency at partial loads.
• Water Side Heat Exchangers: Closed cell, completed with stainless steel plates with polyurethane foam insulation and water flow differential pressure switch.
• Air Side Heat Exchangers: Finned coils or microchannels developed with copper pipes and aluminum fins according to models and dimensions.
• Fan: External rotor electric axial fans equipped with internal thermal protection and protection grilles.
• Control: Microprocessor control with Adaptive Function Plus.
• Structure: Galvanized and powder polyester paint coated steel structure.


•Compressor and fan thermal overload switches.
•High / low pressure indicator for the refrigerant circuit.
•Electronic expansion valve.
•Clock board showing date / time.


T - High performance version with large coil area
Q - Quiet version with soundproof compressor compartment, low speed fans and large coil area


• Shell and Tube evaporator.
• Single or double electric pump with automatic pump that can be used in standby mode. Standard / high pressure versions of the pumps are optional.
• Structural storage tank of 300-700 liters (depending on model) and single or double pump TANK & PUMP, with expansion tank, air discharge valves, safety valve and water side pressure indicator attached.
• Variable flow pump management.
• Super steam cooler.
• 100% heat regain.
• Electronic expansion valve
• -10 ° C condensation control
•-15 ° C condensation control with EC motor fans (standard in Q version).
• Condensation with overpressure fans.
• Power factor correction capacitors (Cosf> 0.91),<
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Forced noise limit.
• Energy parameters measuring device.
• Optimised energy efficiency.
• Soft starter.
• Noiseproof compressor box.
• Compressor sound blankets.
• Refrigerant leak detector.
• High/low pressure indicators for each refrigerant circuit.
• Metal filters or coil guard grids.
• Copper / copper or copper / pre-painted aluminum coils.
• Digital input for double set point.
• Setpoint shift (4-20 mA analog signal).
• Evaporative antifreeze resistor, buffer tank, pumps and heat exchangers for heat regain, if applicable.
• Buffer tank integrative heaters.
• Low temperature water production.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Anti-vibration props.

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