Y-Flow EXP 45-450 kW Scroll

Polyvalent Heat Pumps for Ecological Air
Hermetic Scrool Type Compressors
Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant Gas
Ecological water-cooled multipurpose cooling and heating

Energy Saving Special Solutions for All Commercial Buildings & Residences
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort in All Seasons
Wide and Smart Options
Simultaneous Comfort and Usage Water



Compressor: Hermetic scroll type compressor with thermal protection.
Evaporator: Stainless steel cross flow, plated polyurethane insulated evaporator with differential pressure switch and built-in frost protection heater.
Control: Microprocessor control with Adaptive Function Plus.
Karkas yapı:Galvanized and powder polyester paint coated structure.


• Compressor circuit breaker switches.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• YHigh and low pressure indicators.
• Clock board.
• Outdoor temperature sensor for set compensation.
• 0-10V analog signal for condensation / evaporation control.


• B – Standard version, EXPsystems device (TXHEBY)


• Refrigerant circuit high and low pressure indicators.
• Forced limit of power consumption.
• Soft starter.
• Noise insulation.
• Digital input for double set point.
• Setpoint shift (4-20 mA analog signal).
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Vibration receivers.

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