Y-PACK 170-361 kW Scroll

Plug and Play Freecooling Chiller Systems
Axial Fan Air Cooled Freecooling Cooling Systems
Hermetic Scroll Type Compressors
Eco Friendly R410A Refrigerant Flowing Gas

Glycol Free Version
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort in All Seasons
Wide and Smart Options
Integrated Applicable Cooling Technology
Energy Saving Special Solutions for IT and Data Centers



• Compressor: Thermally protected, scroll type hermetic rotary compressor.
• 4 capacity control with high efficiency partial load operations.
• Evaporator: Polyurethane insulated evaporator with a stainless steel plate with differential pressure switch (TFAEY) or flow switch (TGAEY).
• Condenser: Copper tube / aluminum fin condenser.
• Fan: Axial fan with internal thermal protection and proportional speed control.
• Control: Microprocessor control with Adaptive Function Plus.
• Yapı: Galvanized and polyester powder paint coated steel structure.


•Fan and compressor circuit breaker switches
•Clock board
•3-way valve and motor


T – High efficiency version, Freecooling device (TFAETY) - Glycol-free Freecooling device (TGAETY)
S– Silent version (Compressor isolation and low speed fans), Freecooling device (TFAESY) - Glycol Free Freecooling device (TGAESY)


• Single or double pump (automatic backup) with safety valve.
• Standard and high pressure versions of the pumps are optional.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Power factor correction capacitor (Cos?> 0.94).
• Soft starter.
• Refrigerant circuit high and low pressure indicators.
• Metal filters or battery protection grids.
• Copper / copper or copper / plated aluminum batteries.
• Digital input for double set point.
• Evaporator anti-freeze, electric pump freeze-up inhibitor, if available.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Vibration receivers.

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